Steel Fabrication

FBS Group, Inc. manufactures a wide range of steel fabricated products including warehouse rack repair components, pallet rack protection devices, stairways, steel pallets, conveyor crossovers, barrier rails, carts, railings, column protection, guards, catwalks, trash chutes, pick module accessories and much more. 

Rack Repair Kits

Safety is an important consideration in any business environment. For years, addressing rack damage was a matter of replacement of components, especially the load-bearing columns. FBS Group, Inc. has broken new ground with a warehouse pallet rack repair system which eliminates the problem associated with replacement.

Warehouse Rack Protection

Offering the widest range of pallet rack protection in the industry, FBS Group, Inc. designs and manufactures to fit your warehouse environment for the maximum rack protection available.

About Our Company 

FBS Group, Inc. is a woman-owned steel fabrication company comprised of key people with over 50 years experience and having a vast knowledge of steel fabrication and the material handling industry, including warehouse pallet rack repair for the past 26 years. FBS Group, Inc. also provides supplemental services including rack safety inspections and installation services.

We work to high standards, including AWS certification for our weldors, bringing superior quality, American made products and services to our customers throughout the U.S. All of our people have a passion for excellence and are committed to providing creative solutions to our customer’s problems.


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