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Rack Collapse

Warehouse racking in many warehouses across the U.S. is aging and is being continually damaged by forklift contact.

We repair all brands and types of rack…even racking not made anymore. Our fabrication team makes pallet rack repair kits for any style rack you have.

Arrow Can You Afford To Take Risks?

The incident shown to the right could have been avoided. This collapse was caused by a lack of knowledgeable warehouse rack inspections, over-looked, and under estimated pallet rack damage. Failure to address damaged and missing pallet rack components led to this tragedy. This tragedy could have been prevented by regular warehouse rack inspections and repair or replacement of damaged pallet rack components. Fortunately, no one was injured in the scenario.

Arrow Don't Replace....Repair!

Safety is an important consideration in any business environment. For years, addressing warehouse rack damage was a matter of replacement of rack components, especially the load-bearing columns. FBS Group, Inc. has broken new ground with a pallet rack repair system which eliminates the problem associated with replacement.

FBS Group, Inc. has versatile capabilities, what is custom to our competition is standard to us. There is no limited size, style, or off the shelf item. We manufacture all our products without the added custom made charges other companies might charge.

Under the FBS system, warehouse rack repairs are done with virtually all product in place. Using our unique patented jack and lifting system, the upright frame is supported, the damaged section is removed precisely, and a prefabricated pallet rack repair kit is installed. Our weldors are AWS certified.

The FBS system is less disruptive. Under the old method of replacement, all product in bays adjacent to the damaged component would have to be moved to the new locations while dismantling and replacement is done, which is a waste of time and resources. The downtime is much longer under the old replacement method because all components connected to the damaged piece must be removed. Sprinklers and other utilities running through the system must also be addressed. This complexity means that a portion of your storage system will be non-operational for a significant period of time. With the FBS system, there is no need to remove the damaged upright frames. In addition, only the product directly adjacent to the repair is moved. All others stay in place. Under the FBS system of pallet rack repair, you do not have to dispose of entire damaged upright frames. Instead, only the damaged section must be discarded.

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Arrow FBS Group, Inc. Does the Job Right!

  • We are pallet rack experts, with decades of warehouse rack repair and installation experience, and our weldors are certified to American Welding Society (AWS) standards. With FBS, you can trust that your repair will provide trouble-free service.

  • Our operation is self-contained. We do not require customer utilities or equipment.

  • Our weld curtains and blankets assure that there is no effect on the environment around the ongoing repair.

  • Safety is our primary focus, and our goal is to protect both your personnel and ours. This means fire precautions, limited personnel access, and full OSHA compliance.

  • We make detailed daily work plans so as not to cause any unplanned disruption.

  • We keep the work area clean on an ongoing basis. Debris and discarded components are removed daily.

Arrow The FBS Group Advantage

FBS Group, Inc. offers standard welded and bolted pallet rack repair kit options with much improved impact over the original equipment. We also provide an extremely impact resistant frame base option, bolted or welded. The FBS supplied, prefabricated upright frame repair kit incorporates a second upright section which makes the repaired section far more resistant to lift truck damage than the original equipment.

The FBS Group, Inc. system is far less expensive because product does not have to be unloaded, and little dismantling is required, the labor needed to execute repairs is reduced by up to 75% versus the old method of replacement. The prefabricated pallet rack repair kits are much less costly than a new component. The net is that the FBS system costs less than half that of the old method of replacement.

The FBS Group, Inc. warehouse rack repair system is warranted. The product and process is so effective, FBS provides a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship with each repair.

Our rack experts do a pre-repair survey that determines location and scope of the repair in which the customer gets a bill of material for repairs and cost estimate.

Implementation of the FBS Group, Inc. Repair System is Easy….. It Just Requires a Few Simple Steps:

Step 1

FBS Group, Inc. Safety Survey

Our rack experts do a pre-survey in order to determine the location and scope of the repair. The customer is provided a written report with both a bill of material or repairs and a cost estimate.


Make a Plan

Once the survey is completed, we jointly plan a repair and safety upgrade strategy which minimizes effects on operations and fits within the customer's budget.

Step 3

Execute the Repair

All the repairs under the FBS system are done quickly, and with limited involvement on the customer's part.

Step 4

Plan a Safety Strategy

After project completion, we jointly develop a plan of ongoing inspections and repairs with the goal of minimizing your exposure to unsafe conditions and their potential high cost. A periodic, turn-key inspection plan is powerful insurance, and it makes good business sense.

FBS Group, Inc. has Installation Services available.

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