Conveyor Crossover

FBS Group, Inc. can specifically design, build and install the Conveyor Crossover for your company’s designated location application. Keeping your workers safe having to cross over any machinery, equipment, people, work zones or any other obstruction at your facility. Creating a solution for a safer pathway for workers and increased productivity for your company.

FBS Group, Inc. operates on a simple principle: “Creatively solve business operations problems, and do so at a competitive price, exceeding our customers’ expectations.”
FBS Group, Inc. manufactures a wide range of steel fabricated products including warehouse rack repair components, pallet rack protection devices, stairways, steel pallets, conveyor crossovers, barrier rails, carts, railings, column protection, catwalks, trash chutes and much more.

With our key people having over 50 years experience in steel fabrication and the material handling industry, FBS Group, Inc. has versatile capabilities. What is custom fabricated to our competition is standard to us. There is no limited size, style, or off the shelf item. We manufacture all our products without added custom made charges other companies might charge.

We can comply to O.S.H.A., B.O.C.A., or U.B.C. standards per your requirement. We work to high standards, including AWS certification for our welders bringing superior quality, American made products and services to our customers through-out the U.S. All of our people have a passion for excellence and are committed to creative solutions to customer problems. FBS Group, Inc. is a supplier of innovative solutions to support the activity of virtually any industrial environment.

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Pick Module Stairway

Conveyor Crossover

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