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Warehouse Rack Protection

Repeated forklift impact can weaken your warehouse pallet racking system’s structural integrity. FBS Group, Inc. offers rack protection products that can be designed and built for your application for the most effective prevention of damage to your facilities rack.

FBS Group, Inc. offers the widest range of pallet rack protection in the industry. FBS Group, Inc. designs and manufactures their rack protection and guard products to fit your warehouse environment for the maximum rack protection available.

The following are a few examples of FBS rack protection. FBS makes a variety of rack protection suited for every need. If a new condition or need arises we can provide a solution and design to meet it.

Protect your warehouse pallet rack frames from dangerous and costly forklift impacts. Our end of aisle, Row End Guards for rack provides superior protection at the end of your pallet rack aisles. They are designed to withstand forklift and other vehicle impacts. It is important to preserve the integrity of the racking system. Damaged racking is a safety concern and can be a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.

The FBS row end guards have a formed entry guard to increase aisle clearance up to 3” over traditional round end guards.

The FBS guard is 12” high, made with ½” plate steel welded to 4” x 6” x 3/8” angle. 48” row end guards have 5 ea. 7/8" holes to accommodate 3 to 5 ea. ¾” anchors for the finest end of row protection available. Row end guards are powder coat painted in standard safety yellow. (4" x 6" x 1/2" angle also available)


End of Aisle (full view)


End of Aisle (right view)

Damage to warehouse pallet rack columns is most often the result of forklifts bumping into the rack. Column Guards provide a buffer between the forklift and the rack, making the impact less severe and often preventing immediate rack failure.

Now is a good time to survey and evaluate your facility for warehouse pallet rack damage, missing components, locations that could use rack protection products or guards.


Round Nose Column Protector

V-Nose Boot Style Column Protector

“V” Nose Column Protector

end aisle

End of Aisle


Maximum Protection

The above FBS guards are real column guards that work, not a flimsy wrap-around boot, or bolted angle. These 4” high 3/8” thick steel guards fit tight to the frame, which allows the frame anchor to work with the column guard anchor to virtually eliminate twist. The 3/8” thick foot plate can be set below the guard which allows the FBS guard to work with many different types of standard foot plates. Powder coat painted to safety yellow or orange.

  • Rugged 3/8” thick steel throughout.
  • One internal 3/4″anchor.
  • Available “V” Nose or Round Nose.
  • Tight fit to the column to reduce twist.
  • Optional foam plug eliminates trash build-ups.
hwy guard

Guard Rail

door guard

Door Guard


Intermediate Column Protector


6″ Bollard 42″ High

Guards and Rails prevent people from falling off or being hit by something in a warehouse facility. Safety is an important consideration in any business environment. FBS Group, Inc. can evaluate your facility if needed and design, manufacture plus install Guards and Rails providing you with the maximum Guard, Rail and Pallet Rack Protection available.
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